Protecting the Flag from “Misuse”

The United Daughters of the Confederacy reacted immediately and critically against the flag’s appearance “in certain demonstrations of college groups and some political groups.” In 1949, the UDC formed a “Committee on Legislation to Protect the Confederate Flag from Misuse,” which helped persuade several southern states to pass legislation protecting the Confederate flag from “desecration.”

Lees Feed Bag
This logo for an animal feed company that featured Robert E. Lee superimposed over a flag exemplified the commercial uses that were the target of UDC efforts to protect the flag from “misuse.”
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South Carolina politician moves to protect flag, 1965
The South Carolina legislature in 1958 passed a law prohibiting “desecration” of the Confederate flag, including commercial use of the flag. Not surprisingly, the law failed to stem a growing tide of commercial flag products, and in 1965, a state senator introduced a bill to strengthen the law.
Newspaper clipping, private collection